The legal sector is rapidly changing, especially the way it interacts with the world around it. We provide both primary and secondary research services focusing on integrating data, published literature, and a deep understanding of the legal sector to provide needed insights to make sure legal organizations know what they need to move forward.

We focus on working with academics, non-profits, legal information organizations, publishers, technology providers, courts, governments, and law firms. Our goal is to find the unique opportunities and insights that fit your conditions and goals, identifying ways to overcome your particular challenges. We want to make sure your work aligns with your mission and the conditions around you.

Identification of opportunities for new programs, products, or other initiatives, is improved by integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches. This can involve research using both internally and externally generated data, so organizations don’t need large internally generated datasets to get started.

We provide services that range from identification of social needs or market size to future scenario development for strategic planning. We want to make sure that you have the research you need to make decisions that fit your community and your goals.

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