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Sarah A. Sutherland

Parallax Information Consulting’s principal consultant Sarah A. Sutherland is an executive, writer, and speaker, specializing in legal technology, information, and publishing. She uses legal data and technological solutions to leverage emerging opportunities, to build useful tools, and to improve the ways people work. Sarah brings extensive experience in the use of data to drive effective management of legal organizations and to develop strategies for organizations to better serve communities around the world. She was named one of the Fastcase 50 in 2022.

What We Do

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We bring expertise in how legal data and information can inform strategy and provide meaningful reporting in business, product, and technological development. With over ten years of experience in legal organizations, we work with you to leverage internal and external resources to ensure decisions are supported by evidence and to identify new opportunities.


We work with you to understand internal and external data resources to support evidence-based management and reporting, helping you do the best work possible.


The legal sector is rapidly changing, along with the world around it. We work with you to make sure you understand what you need to meet your organizational structure and goals.


Communicating clearly is an important strategic objective for legal organizations. We help you make sure stakeholders understand what they need to know.
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